11 August, 2008


forget the rather naff poster
and this rather damning and idiotic review:
Only a country with as poorly integrated a black population as Italy could think of "Black and White" as anything but a very anemic romantic comedy, whose stab at interracial issues feels decades old. Normally savvy helmer Cristina Comencini strives for an easy-going sensitivity with this tale of unexpected love, but it's obvious she's not thought about these themes before and the results are maddeningly naive. Local opening was solid, but Stateside chances are nil.

fortunately for us. don't think that she's trying to make a buck by peddling this as italy's answer to "guess who is coming for dinner?" (talk about maddeningly naive..) and the girl has finally loosened up!

far more accurate is this:
Il nuovo film di Cristina Comencini, “Bianco e Nero”, è una commedia. E già questa è una notizia. La regista de “La bestia nel cuore” ha realizzato un film che parla della difficile linea che c’è tra il razzismo, la tolleranza e la reale accettazione della diversità, e lo ho fatto con quel tono di ironia che non solo non guasta, ma permette di riflettere senza scadere in toni drammatici.

i.e. i laughed.

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