08 August, 2008

how the west was lost

this morning i have been giving ``non country for old men'' some thought.
and was swiftly compelled to watch another very fine film.
it's been more than a decade since i last saw it.


LeDuc said...

Oh, oh -- I *love* this (and even tried to Persuade Lady V to watch it a couple of weeks back). Who'd have thought that a film starring Kris Kristofferson could be so cool. And Matthew McConaughey wasn't bad either (and there aren't too many of his films about which you could say that). Chris Cooper is, of course, the epitome of kewl.

I may be forced to interrupt my Harry Potter marathon (thank God) for a reviewing, tonight.

LeDuc said...

Blimey -- why is comment moderation turned on? I didn't realise you were that picky about who commented!

pod said...

i know i know. who am a fooling. like i have to screen comments. going to remove it. since it's in fact quite annoying.
as an aside
have the BIGGEST CRUSH on KK. a man with a beard is a man after my heart...john sayles seems destined to be one of those directors that will never achieve the recognition he deserves..am also a huge fan of his passion fish.