17 August, 2008

late night texts

f: good lord tot. helen at 60 is shagging her stepson
cuba gooding jnr. am impressed! top marks!
lady v: brilliant work, helen. must remember to bring book i
bought in New York to lend to you. Brother sister shag fest.
Brilliant line, which I may have quoted before..
"Other people became for a while, for a couple of contemptuous words, a proletariat. We were an aristocracy of two." also works for tots i find..
f: shall post IMMEDIATELY
lady v: thought you might


Lady V said...

It really has been a rollercoaster of emotions today, hasn't it, old thing? Tears in the morning, stiff gin by lunchtime, mild hysteria by afternoon and laughing at our own cleverness by midnight. Just the way we like it, n'est-ce pas?

All to a soundtrack of Jacques Brel et Barbara, natch.

pod said...

the full GAMUT, if you will. no emotion left unturned.
just had a quick scrum in the fridge and well. nothing but cold tap water left. will take a swig of that. pretend its champagne.
delusion is in fact the last stage before bedtime.
let's do it all over again tomorrow shall we?

Lady V said...

oh, we must!