17 August, 2008


just watching "Shadowboxer" and had to interrupt. because this boy is just too much. using my newly acquired screen shot skills. here i go. snappety snap. who is that kissing the divine boy. why helen of course. she is a goer. and that is why we love her.

in the meantime all is well across the pond with lady v:
"mean girls on telly. and got wine. vintage lohan. the day just got better"

all good with the BLs.

still back to him.

good grief!


Lady V said...

can't really blame old dame hels, can you? have to say, la lohan was really rather attractive back in the day. but nothing in comparison to our girl.

pod said...

well am still quite fond of the silly young pepper. she could turn into a dame yet...

Highly unlikely of course.
by her mid 20s helen was already knocking them dead with her lady macbeth at Royal shakespeare company.

tsk tsk. kids today..

LeDuc said...

No, no, NO!!!

*I* saw JGL first -- he's MINE!

Shadowboxer is a beautifully weird film; not entirely successful, I thought, but a ride well worth going on. And Cuba gives us a nice amount of nudity, too. Which is very generous of him.

pod said...

are you forgetting full frontal of
dorff's cock. with condom?

LeDuc said...

I will never, ever forget Dorff's condom-covered cock, flopping out of... well, I don't like to think from where it's flopping.

But that lovely bouncy cock...


What was I talking about?