17 August, 2008

homage to brel-lady v

tot....notice "mathilde"
and mention of "amsterdam"

Mais lui il s'en fout bien
Mais lui il dort tranquille
Il n'a besoin de rien
Il a trouve' son ile

and while we're at it. to sink us further into despair

bloody hell, babs
and this one about a little old lady...selling off everything at the auction house

Elle cria: "Je prends, je rachète tout ça
Ce que vous vendez là, c'est mon passé à moi"


Lady V said...

Oh, do let's sink... Bottle of gin, stumbling in high heels, black polo necks all round. Despair. Tragedy. Travesty.

Adore you old thing.

By the way, do you reckon I have any chance of finding a girlfriend like that?

The second one, not the first. She has even more of a thatch than me...

pod said...

dalida was egyptian.
thought you quite partial actually
thatch notwithstanding.

well babs has also the prerequisites
tragic sad life. and only wore black. though in spite of it all she lived on and on to become revered.

sxg said...

oh whoa...only came in on this convo very late but can say from no experience whatsoever that cat is quite partial to a) egyptians and b) those who wear all black