10 April, 2008


jesus did it for 40 days in the desert
am doing it for a week in testaccio

doesn't quite have the same ring to it
then one is the son of god
the other is daughter of la tiz

i go into this not terribly prepared. and going into an election
but i feel atoning for the sin the country is about to commit
in re-electing silvio is morally fitting


Lady V said...

Quite right. I approve. Small, achievable goals and all that.

Testaccio on Radio 4 this morning. Interviews in market square with butcher and fishmongers re elections. Almost expected a Tot intervention twopennorth....

albeo said...

Fasting is soooooo 32 AD. Today it's all about pulses darling.

sxg said...

as long as you keep your strength up for wednesday. and thursday, friday, saturday.

Tom said...

It doesn't count as eating if you don't digest it. The "withdrawal method," as some call it. Binge and purge, darling.