09 April, 2008

no, say it ain't so

Now, with the recent announcement that Polaroid will stop making instant film next year, the miracle is coming to an official end. Something else is slipping away from us in our frictionless virtual world.

am officially very upset and since these days am taking a break form the booze. i have drowned sorrows in carbs which is making me even more upset and as of tomorrow am back on the prosec.

but seriously folks. what is wrong with this world when something as magical as a quick-trigger-flick-and-voila-blurry-images-unfold (that you can clasp and hold) is stripped away from you. i cannot live in such a world (ok it's the carbs talking here). please stock up to take to country retreat, where i shall retire one day ten inches deep in my polaroids. i plan to hoarde and nest. see above for what is needed.

underpaid and soon to be overweight


MicNic said...

Oh dear. No one loves a Polaroid more than me.
Although digital camera's do have a special place in my heart, you don't get the same love back from it.
The excitement of producing a square sized masterpiece is almost unbearable.
Feeling the kachurrrn motion once you have released the shutter and watching the image slowly appear before your eyes is akin to a champaign moment.
Shall I continue?
No one looks bad in a polaroid and the color tones are always delish.
Like I said, no one loves a Polaroid more than me

albeo said...

I am stockpiling as we speak...

Lady V said...

Gloria was terribly upset too. I think you two should meet.

pod said...

i feel we are kindered souls gloria and i

Jon said...

Did you see that Polaroid is going to turn out an instant digital photoprinter the size of a cellphone? Should be around soon.

The robots are coming...