20 April, 2008

sex sex more sex balls sex

Commitments, as HBO's "Tell Me You Love Me" demonstrates, often are hard to make. Even so, it's imperative to make one to this series because it doesn't really find itself until the second and third episodes. That's when you feel and recognize the beauty and the pain that Cynthia Mort smartly and sensitively portrays in her fiercely honest examination of sex in relationships.

The early buzz on this series largely was based on the first episode, which tends to use sex the way a carnival barker uses a spiel: to get you into the tent. Mort is so eager to show how sex is both vital and corrosive that initially she goes overboard. Graphic scenes of sex in the premiere rival those in soft porn, and the visual shock distracts from the larger theme.

But stick around, and what starts as a modest character study punctuated by holy-cow nudity turns into a brilliant depiction of sexual conflict, frustration and dysfunction
- Hollywood Reporter


LeDuc said...

Oh, oh -- I *loved* this, and not just because you get to see Ian Somerhalder's cock (well, you do if you have very fine control over the freeze-frame button).

And how lovely to see old people experiencing lust and having sex. It made me feel slightly less apprehensive about being a sex-crazed old bloke.

It felt like, finally, America is producing a tv show that treats sex like the fascinating, grown-up, joyous thing it really is.

Lady V said...

Old people having sex. My favourite. Bring it on!

pod said...

darling thing if we weren't sworn off sex before ..i think this clinched the deal

Lady V said...

Just trying to wind up Tot A, old thing! Can sense him going green at the very thought....