17 April, 2008

oats: the return

it is with more than a faint smidgen of smug self-satisfaction that i tell you all that the mermaid on my back will one day be worth millions, which means that instead of trading up a kidney a few years down the line i can always flay my back for some extra dosh. because, you see dearest friends, our oats is well on the way to becoming that rare thing: a painter that actually, gasp, gets paid.

after her radical career change, from bloomberg lackey to an on-set jack-of-all-trades, she is coming into her own and i expect in little to no time you will be spotting her work in set designs around the world. In the meantime...

hanging in the van der woodsen dining room.
a rather fetching sketch.
artist? that i will never tell.

X o X o

1 comment:

Lady V said...

Blimey o'reilly - a Paid Artist! That's amazing.

Maybe photography of back rather than going the whole hog and flaying, old thing?