16 April, 2008

i am heathcliff

the bronte sisters

a one-act play

lady v: Just went for epic run on heath in last ditch
tempt to firm thighs. Failed.

pod: wish i could have been with you on the heath, chugging along. instead was at villa pamphilj where there is a path called the bronte sisters. i wet myself and got misty eyed. tried to explain to my companion, who sadly was clueless on the subject. i despair.

lady v:I want to go to Villaa Pamphilj immediately. How can one not understand Emily. Utterly ridic

pod: i did try. the imaginary world of gondal. branwell rubbing himself off the painting. the mysticism. the death. despair. solitude. got to the point where i have to assume one KNOWS these crucial details.

lady v: Just had to do a quick post myself in frenzy on Bronte loving. Quite right.
If they don't know by now, well, I give up....


Lady V said...

Loving our girls. Loving the Heath. Loving the blogging. Loving the Kate Bush soundtrack.

pod said...

love of the morbid: tick!
isolated house in country: tick!
spinster creds: tick!

it's settled then. brontes are we.

Lady V said...

Wracked by TB due to excessive camel lights: tick!
Mildly alcoholic due to lack of other pursuits in rural retreat: tick!
Absolute lack of any kind of lovelife: tick!

Yep, Brontes are we. Hurrah!

bogart said...

err...pod... since when do you accept the abomination of hanging out with Bronte challenged people??

bogart said...

and... what about retreat to tuscan valley to write a book together??