14 April, 2008

past the hump

well well well
first off, the above is a delightful film and i wish to impose it on anyone that wafts to the house from now on. as a rite of passage if you will

just came back from three glorious days in the country house. maude and i. me and maude. alone. pure bliss. as you all know i was on day three of the fast and the weekend was going to be the deal breaker. i would either succumb and binge on films and booze or go completely krause and rip the house inside out in an effort to put ORDER.

alas....the latter scenario materialized. i went completely manic and stripped down to my underwear, sucking at green tea, i overturned everything in sight in the ultimate spring clean of the century, uncovering even lady v's long lost earring. to the sounds of bach's cello concerto and wagner's parceval i scrubbed and scrubbed. not content, i had to dust every book and put them in order by language and then separate the contemporary fiction from the classics and creating a special place just for the faeries. the same fate occured to CDs, wich were alphabatized and also allotted special sections. and the linen was refolded and filed with labels and ranked by colour. maude looked on most perplexed and scrambled around the field rolling in shit and getting mauled by marcella's cat. daniele, who after 4 years seems to be as smitten as ever, deliverd junk mail at 11pm at night and was swiftly sent back down the hill. not content and still exploding with energy, i decided to take a jog in my pyjama bottoms. this hasn't be seen since the days i was trying to impress 12 year old michael clooney at barcelona british school. yes, dear reader, it is that long ago.

now am bracing myself for an invigorating all nighter writing up election results, providing analsyis, sending flashes and of course chugging down the green tea.

be afraid, be very afraid. and curse the day you met me.


MicNic said...

You Go Girl !

Becky Flash said...


LeDuc said...

I confess, I've always been a bit confused by the DVD classification system in use, but everyone else, in hushed tones, explained that it was your Special System, the mysteries of which were obviously far beyond the ken of a mere gay man with an overdeveloped enthusiasm for Keanu and trains.

Ah, and the special pleasures of dusting books... Though I quite like blowing along the top edge 1st (apparently this is really, really Bad for them. Apparently. Who cares?).

Lady V said...

I do hope my own literary offering is going to have its own classification. Slash shrine. Complete with the missing earring.

pod said...

duc dearest, unfortunately i wasn't there to guide you through my special system but there is logic behind the apparent insanity. i've now alphabetized the sub categories but what you must understand is that i've laid the foundations for the future when the house will be chock full with art house fodder from every country imaginable.

as for the books, dearest lady v. there will be a special shelve with the home-grown masterpieces of contemporary literature. yours will be the first, though hopefully, not only copy to grace that very special shelf.

Lady V said...

Forward thinking. I like that.


Gabs and Mags old thing, Gabs and Mags....

bogart said...

err... next time you have one of this crisis... can you come to classify my house?
btw... love the movie.. especially when they fall in the lake!
and... fasting again... ( preparation for the summer?? )

bogart said...

and as for book dusting Gina's method was rather cruel but effective... She used to my horror to hang all the books out on a line with pegs..