24 April, 2008


f: It's a dump

well uh uh. no it isn't
and you know i hate to be proven wrong

best caravaggio: TICK!
Skinny dip in the local fjords: tick!
local wine: tick tick tick. excellent
food: not bad at all
arias sung out of tune in company of personal opera conductor: just the one
prehistoric sites to rival stone henge: two
local hallucinogenics: am sure there are more than a handful
wild rockets pissed on by rabid dogs: many
cultah: holds its own
local eccentrics: the entire population
socks n sandals colonial brit tourists: well........
lady v's half sisters: NONE


Lady V said...

ADORE Caravaggio - bottles of red, cherubic boys, grapes....

LOVE out of tune arias (see above)

Look out for the Lady V Brothers (but remember, bad gene pool, pitpony-esque at best, at the worst, well, you've seen it all....)

albeo said...

I just CANNOT believe we have arrived to this. Decanting Malta.

Honestly, everything has limits!