17 March, 2009

depression junkies: an homage

back in the day, oats and i used to indulge in some real kicking private parties
me, her and a bottle of something and some of our favorite drinking companions.

leading the roster was elliot smith. the fact that he stabbed himself earned him extra stripes. his BRB (between the bars) is the ultimate trip.

as back-up we had relative newcomer emily haines with such delightful, heart-warming and life-affirming numbers such as:

numb is the new high?
shrine to fast goodbyes?
crowd surf off a cliff?

we of course could rely on golden oldies such as nick cave, the cure, johnny cash, a splash of tori amos, a dash of the pretenders. after a certain cut-off point it all became a massive blur.

GOOD TIMES, eh oatsie?
this is an OAP just for us:

March 17. 10 p.m.-ish

f: just begun on some light damien. 9 crimed it.
o: mmm...i did drugs don't work. that old chestnut
f: am about ready to pull out elliot
o: uh oh.. nooooo
f: BTB
o: wait. don't go there. how about "how to fight loneliness"?

2 minutes later
o: brb is the ultimate
f: sigh

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