13 March, 2009

happiness is

tucking into bed at 830pm and tuning into ROUNDS at the "premier inn" in CRAWLEY.
interviews to leading finance ministers: two
chocolate bars: 2
crisps, packets of: 2
sandwiches most foul: 2

at 9pm am ready to murder. certainly NOT a drink

chorus: this has never happened in the decade we've known
f: pass on a drink?
chorus: collective gasp
f: sorry folks am calling it a night. i have rounds.

rounds, for those not in the know, is grey's anatomy.
i fecking love it. i cry. i laugh. and it's all i wanted to do tonight.

oats, you were right. izzie is KILLING ME.


LeDuc said...

You're in Crawley?!

You should have texted me -- I would have rushed over with libations and an emergency supply of DVDs.

sxg said...

how do i know my chicken?
let me count the ways...