25 March, 2009

i've loved you so long

no. not you.

mina. light of my life. fire of my loins.
mina. my longtime companion. faithful friend. comrade in caper mischief. my mother superior. my father confessor. loyal sister. anything humanely possible, short of homicide, has been committed in your entrails. then again, i even came close to murder. thank you for not letting me die in the driving seat when i decided to ram us both into a ditch while absolutely wankered.

well it's now time to let you go.
everyone who has known and loved mina has a story of the little feisty one. please share. well am beside myself. going to polish off the 2 inches of red martini left in the fridge. there will never be the likes of you again.


Lady V said...

It's an absolute travesty. So many drives, thundering along belting out Dusty whilst sucking on a bottle of beer. She will be missed.

August 2006:

Driving back from Archidosso where a red-faced Tot A and I have been to buy a pregnancy test following nefarious and drunken accidental romping in a tent at a wedding. He drives. I perch with feet up on dashboard as per.

Lady V: I can't be pregnant, can I? Do you think it's possible?
Tot A (sternly): You know very well you could be. You're so bad. I'm very cross with you.
Lady V: But think of all the booze and fags and other stuff we've been up to. Surely no unborn child could survive that.
Tot A: You're right. I'm sure you're not pregnant.
Lady V (in a small voice): Oh... Now I want to be pregnant! I've always wanted to be pregnant. Well, at least since I turned 30. And I'm single. What am I going to do? What? What?
Tot A: You know, I could give you a child...
Lady V (nodding slowly): Mmm, yes you could...

3 years later and we're still banging on about it. No-one can say we're not consistent, eh?

RIP Mina. She will be missed.

LeDuc said...

I was going to confess to what happened when Tom and I stole her while you were asleep, to go in desperate search of food (Tot A and Tot V had left in the dead of night and, strangely, before departing they had managed to consume all food and, more importantly, all coffee).

But then I remembered I promised never to tell you about what happened, so instead I'll just fondly recall the time you made me drive back to Rome with 5 other people (including Maude) and all their luggage crammed into poor Mina, while I forgot that Italy still labours under Napoleon's Imperialist yoke by continuing to drive on the right hand side of the road rather than reverting to the more sensible system that was, after all, first invented there.

I can't believe you're letting her go. Maude had better watch out that she's not next...

Tom said...

I came to know Mina late in her life. Here is a dodgy piece of junk, I thought, not long for the scrap heap. But I soon came to see what lurked beneath the tape, rust, and filth. Mina was, in her twilight, at the very height of her powers.

I remember one occasion on which she transported no less than 2 grown men, 4 lesbians, 3 overflowing trash bags, 1 bag of aromatic leftover dumplings-turned-meatballs, piles of luggage, and a nervous, incontinent dachshund from Maremma to several Roman airports and train stations in a single afternoon.

I will not say Mina performed this task with grace. She was to the end a cramped, tough old bitch. And that's why she's missed.

Tom said...

LeDuc! I thought we had a deal. Nothing happened. But if something had happened, I'd just like to state for the record that I was a passenger.

You will Find out said...

you chaps are killing me

it's all very jade goody

MicNic said...

I am happy that that my (brown tape) panel beating lasted till the end.
I was good to her.
She was good to me
Mina and I share a secret. I always knew we would both take it to the grave however I always thought I would be the first to go.

I will always remember her as Mina; the car that smelt like unwashed lesbians at Lesvos in the dead of summer.