26 March, 2009

fiumicino airport

malign italy and its national carrier, crapitalia, all you will.
however. GOD BLESS. my flight was delayed by more than an hour. i was given a food voucher. rightly suspicious i venture up to the autogrill. now, unlike anywhere else in the world where roadside food is shit and airport fodder even worse, in italy one can dine rather well. i had a lovely plate of gnocchi with a healthy tomato sauce and an even healthier plate of fagiolini (string beans) sprinkled with some extra virgin olive oil. not, the kind of stuff usually available at your run of the mill airport eaterie. am most pleased. viva l'italia.


Tom said...

The road to economic ruin is paved with handmade gnocchi.

Now, stop stuffing your face and get over here already!

Lady V said...

You know what, I had a very similar experience in Linate just last Monday, Marjorie. Super salad with a marvellous little ball of mozzarella. I was overjoyed!

albeo said...

What an awful thing, F in love. Once you would have REFUSED to go anywhere near food, let alone "healthy tomato sauce". Execrable. Having another swig of gin.

TheFastestIndian said...

Are you in the land of tinned spaghetti hoops now??