17 March, 2009

the newly wed game

well tots, expect one and all to be subjected to this little gem of a game.
old marrieds, not quite weds. who cares. we're rule blenders and benders.

take one......

moderator: now, tot c, if tot a was reincarnated as a dog what breed would he be?

tot c: holds optimistically up a banner with lassie
tot a (crestfallen): waves a cap-locked great dane

take two.....

moderator: what is one item of clothing that tot a wears that you just cannot stand?

tot t: confidently holds up a waiscoat
tot a: cheekily holds up his CK briefs

take three....

moderator: yes, so f, how old do you think j was when she had her first kiss?
f (mutters slut, slag, ho under muted breath): 2!
j (shocked appalled): it's DOUBLE, 4!

take four...

moderator: so, f, what is oats favourite christian bale film?
f (remembers the froth): american psycho!
O (barely able to contain glee to her perversion): american psycho!

quite enough of this horrid game.


sxg said...


so, oats, who is f's favorite washed-up, washed-out, frumpy actress?
o: ck!
f: FRUMPY????????????

sxg said...

and ANYWAY, though american psycho is up there, not sure i could pick just ONE.
machinist definitely up there, speaking of perversion. and froth.

Anonymous said...

ooooooh! lake tahoe. let's go in may.

Lady V said...

Tots is a little sausage. Like father, like Maude.

bogart said...

eyes wide shut!