23 March, 2009

i love skins

fine tv teen crudder series.
great soundtrack
fine acting


LeDuc said...

So, so pleased someone else has discovered this -- very high class indeed. Love it. Haven't seen any of season 3 yet, though, with all-new cast. Am a little apprehensive...

sxg said...

plus, season 3 finally gets the fabulous willa holland - princess of all things teeny AND cruddy.

am also slightly apprehensive but hopefully as good as the first 2

LeDuc said...

Well now... have watched the 1st 8 episodes of the 3rd season and, so far, it just ain't taking off for me like the first 2 seasons.

The new cast has some interesting characters, but the plotlines feel forced and most of the humour has gone. It feels darker (which is not necessarily a bad thing), but not in a way that I'm buying, dramatically-speaking.

Er... Pseud's Corner for me?