18 December, 2007


let me COUCH that with excerpts from salon.com

"Gracie," the fictional story of a young girl growing up in late-'70s New Jersey who longs to play on her school's all-male soccer team, is the kind of modest little picture that all too easily slips through the cracks. "Gracie" was produced by siblings Andrew and Elisabeth Shue; the story, written by Lisa Marie Petersen and Karen Janszen, is partly based on some of the Shues' own experiences growing up in a soccer-obsessed New Jersey family. The director is Davis Guggenheim, the filmmaker behind "An Inconvenient Truth" (and also Elisabeth Shue's husband).

Despite the fact that a girl hoping to make a guys team had her work cut out for her in the 1970s (and it's still not so easy today), "Gracie" is a gentle, easygoing picture -- it's not exactly dramatically gripping, but somehow, its spirit carries it through.

i love football (worldcup only)
i love playing football (and elbowing people in the stomach)
i love elizabeth shue (leaving las vegas anyone)
i love andrew shue (well..he was in sort-of-teen-crud melrose place)
i love siblings
dermot mulroney is in it (hottest man alive in longtime companion AND CK's ex)

hence what is not to love.


sxg said...

WAIT i have seen this!

also, i kind of like shue in `adventures in babysitting'

Scorpio said...

Elizabeth Shue. She was going to be in the House of Mirth and then she got preggers.


Dermot is hot, but CK is hotter.