24 December, 2007

the necklace of the brisings

i have always had a weakness for the norse myths. cruel. unpredictable. and implacable.
my favourite is the story of the necklace of brisings..
the final passage, as retold by kevin crossley-holland

Freyja looked at Odin quickly. And whatever it was that passed through her mind, she bit her tongue.
"You must stir up hatred. You must stir up war. Find two kings in Midgard and set them at each other's throats. Ensure that they meet only on the battlefield, each of them supported by twenty vassal kings."
The Father of Battle looked grimly at the goddess. "And you must use such charms as give new life to corpses. As soon as each warrior is chopped down, bathed in blood, he must stand up unharmed and fight again."
Freyja stared at Odin.
"Those are my conditions. whther they it or not, let men rip one another to pieces."
Freyja inclined her head. "Then give me my necklace," she said.

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