14 December, 2007

my favourite local cinema

too bad the DUBBING curse, one of my big pet peeves means i rarely go.
but it's evocative like only small old cinemas can be.
photos courtesy of NAPS


sxg said...

is that a certain romulaic tongue i see in the top foto?
i'd know that tongue anywhere

(not to mention the one in the second foto)

Anonymous said...

The joy of local art-house cinemas...

In Edinburgh I'm a huge fan of the Cameo, my local for several years. They did all-nighters that sad geeks like me went to (can I recommend an all-nighter of Godfrey Reggio's Qatsi movies? Especially if you're stoned).

In King's Lynn there was no choice other than the Fermoy Arts Centre (named after local big nob Ruth, Lady Fermoy who for many years was our dear late Dowager Queen's chief lady-in-waiting, or silver-spoon-on-a-stick, or whatever her job was called. We were a cowed and deferential people, in the Norfolk Fens). The two commercial cinemas were named, appropriately for a port, if a bit bizarrely, the Pilot; and, totally inappropriately, the Majestic. It wasn't.

Still, it screened "Saturday Morning Pictures", a cheap baby-sitting service for parents, where I watched 1930s serials of "Flash Gordon". Ah, happy memories.

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